Sunday, January 16, 2011


SUSTAINABLE LIVING- is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individuals or society's use of the earth natural resource and his/her own resources. Wiki

As the FUZE IT WORLDWIDE TOUR touches down in cities 
all over the world inspiring young industry professionals, creating revenue for local business, and donating time and funds to multiple globally respected charities, the tour feels that SUSTAINABLE LIVING should be at the top of every one's priority list. Looptwork's is the epitome of sustainable living. At Looptworks they repurpose abandoned materials into meaningful, long-lasting, and limited-edition products. Lead by an amazing veteran production team hailing from corporate apparel giants like NIKE and ADIDAS,  Looptworks aims to rid the world of waste while inspiring a generation to reduce their impact on the planet. [SOURCE] 

Practicing sustainable living, spreading the word about it, and educating people on how they can help out someone else, the environment, and themselves at the same time is a powerful tool to have. FUZE IT WORLDWIDE feels that Looptworks is a great example of that and are proud to have them a part of the team.

The FUZE IT WORLDWIDE production team is always looking for inspiration through others, especially the smartest people in the world for instance. For those who do not get out much there is a global meeting of the minds annually called T.E.D which stands for technology, entertainment, and design. "Ideas worth spreading." TED is a platform for the world's smartest thinkers, greatest visionaries, and most-inspiring teachers, so that millions of people can gain better understanding of the biggest issues that we face, and help create a better future by spreading their ideas with the world. Here is one example of a speech at a T.E.D conference that blew us away titled "Do schools kill creativity?" by Sir Ken Robinson. 

The trend amongst most apparel manufactures as well as consumers these days seems to be "organic" everything is organic......The term is thrown around so loosely your average person probably does not even know exactly what that means, but that is enough to make them feel like they are saving the environment. Organic in most cases means the methods used in making the material had a low impact on the earth. WOW is that all? Do they know how many natural resources are still being wasted? The answer is hundreds of gallons of water and many of the earths natural resources. Looptworks has  almost no negative impact on the earth by using "up-cycled" material, which to us brings new meaning to the word organic all together. We brought up T.E.D and their motto because FUZE IT WORLDWIDE think's this is an idea worth spreading. During many of the T.E.D speeches the two words that always  come up are SUSTAINABLE LIVING from vice presidents, to rocket scientists, and even the founders of google. Could all of the greatest forward thinkers under one roof be wrong? This is one of those billion dollar ideas that could change the world and how we live forever.