Saturday, March 19, 2011


The FUZE IT WORLDWIDE (fashion show) tour is home-based in Los Angeles, however the tour caught it's initial BUZZ last summer while launching in Boston. The show received a great response from the east coast crowd as well as the media. The fashion show exhibited the designs of our colleagues T-Racy Designs, Heretic City, Power & Wealth, and Sugar & Rox Clothing. In addition to these amazing clothing lines the show featuring a phenomenal flock of models, one model in particular OWNED the night, Tommy Mountain. 

While everyone was done with choreography, Tommy Mountain rehearsed his walk over and over and over again, leading into the show. When it was finally showtime he rocked the runway with more swag than you could imagine. As he came to the end of the runway the lights would not stop flashing, the crowd connected with Tommy's energy. It's hard not to take a liking to models that are good looking, humble, and most importantly have a great personality. Beyond his looks, Tommy's personality has been a major factor in furthering his career. Tommy's good vibes are contagious...
Post FUZE IT Boston, Tommy kept in contact with our FUZE IT team in Los Angeles. Here in Los Angeles, we do our best to keep an eye out for gigs and networking opportunities that would be beneficial to any of our FUZE IT Models. In encouraging Tommy Mountain to pursue his career as a professional model he met up with us in Los Angeles, arriving just in time for LA Fashion Week. His timing couldn't have been any better. While only being in town for a few days Tommy Mountain commuted to casting after casting, guerilla style.  As anticipated, Tommy Mountain booked 2 major gigs. While beautiful models are the common folk in Los Angeles and his portfolio is still in the works, I can assure it was Tommy's presense and personality that got him the job(s). From FUZE IT Worldwide to LA Fashion Week Tommy's modeling experience is across the spectrum. We are grateful to have worked with  Tommy Mountain. The gratification that comes with helping models take their career(s) to the next level and watching them prosper is PRICELESS. The success of our company relies on the success of our models, case in point.

  LA Fashion Week photos courtesy of Rustin Michael, Sinsay Photography, and