Monday, April 4, 2011

FUZE IT WORLDWIDE Goes One-on-One with Jeremy Piven, Out of Character

One form of art that we often fall short from accommodating during our (FUZE IT) shows is acting. Consequently, we are huge tv and movie-goers regardless of the trade we value great talent. While retreating in Los Angeles FUZE IT WORLDWIDE often encounters people that are parallel to the cast of HBO's lifestyle series, Entourage. In Los Angeles our work surrounds us with a share of actors like (Entourage character) Vince Chase and sidekicks like (Entourage character) Turtle. The personality or character that has gotten under our skin and inspired the most is (Entourage Character) Agent, Ari Gold. Ari Gold played by Jeremy Piven exhibits the epitome of a Hollywood Boss. Jeremy Piven plays his pompous character with such ease it's hard to think he's any different, in person. 

We had the opportunity to interview Jeremy Piven out of character and in person during a VIP Event. Though the surroundings were distracting Jeremy gave us an intimate discussion about his new beginnings, following Entourage. After airing just under 100 episodes, HBO's Entourage will come to a conclusion. With Entourage coming to an end and more time allotted to his schedule, Jeremy talks about working on more movies. His next big feature is box-office favorite Spy Kids; during our interview he talks about filming Spy Kids and working with legendary producer Robert Rodriguez, responsible for movies like Grindhouse and Sin City. Jeremy Piven also mentions completing his collaboration with Miley Cyrus in feature-film, So Undercover. We ran into the duo filming in December, while we were on tour and in-town producing our bi-mothly FUZE IT event, in New Orleans.