Monday, April 4, 2011


DJ DWill (Darious Williams) is one of the up and coming ELITE DJ's in New Orleans who's expanding as an professional DJ/Promoter/Entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, DJ DWill, "Darious Lamar Williams" President of DWill's Entertainment, LLC, started his musical journey in 2003 when he was introduced to two DJs with amazing skills of their own. It was at this moment that Darious knew he wanted to be part of "The DJ Scene".He first became interested in all genres of music when he was taken under the wing of a fellow DJ. He was taught all of the basics of mixing, song selection, and crowd pleasing then added his personal touch to things which sets him apart from the ordinary DJ.Darious bought his first DJ setup as a tool and not as a gift for himself and dedicated all of his free time to nonstop practicing.At the age of 19, he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana where he is now taking things to the next level.In 2009, he got his big break when he became an official Virtual DJ Radio DJ. It was after this point when he started getting noticed by locals in New Orleans.In the Summer of 2009, DJ DWill became one of the elite DJ's to represent the DEFINITION DJ's who are featured on New Orleans' own Power 102.9.His musical talent is like none other when the spotlight is on. “I PERFORM not DJ, and I do this for YOU, because it’s not about me!!!”DWill has spun for T-Pain, The Real World: Back to New Orleans (2010), MTV's Real World producers/film/production crew, KFC's Ultimate Family Reunion Sweepstakes, DJ Mannie Fresh, Production Runway (FUZE IT Tour 2010/New Orleans Edition), Greece's very own Reckless (DJ Reckless), and an EXCLUSIVE DJ vs Drummer set w/ New Orleans’ very own Panama!!!

FUZE IT WORLDWIDE will be coming back to New Orleans at the end of the summer be sure to check us out if you missed the last one!