Thursday, April 28, 2011


The beat of a drum and the cry of a trumpet make up the sound of Diego Cash's most recent single (banger) Champagne Life. With a flow & sounds that call for easy listening, Champagne Life is quickly going viral and was recently published on MTV. Diego Cash is doing big things and is certainly living the Champagne Life. While "living the life" Cash is sure to be under a lot of pressure, filling the shoes of Cassidy's label mate as well as Carmelo Anthony and Lala's newest investment.While in New York (his stomping grounds) Diego Cash can be found "Living the Life" court-side at the Knick's games, in full support of  CarmeloLong time friend to Cash, Carmelo recently signed Diego Cash to his entity, Krossover Entertainment. Krossover Entertainment recently announced their partnership with Imani Entertainment. Imani Entertainment is backed by Manny Halley who is most famous for his production-management work with Keisha Cole. With plenty of power behind Diego Cash, FUZE IT WORLDWIDE looks forward to watching his evolution as an artist and a business man. 

Stay tuned, the next time Diego Cash is in Los Angeles he will be in our studio giving FUZE IT the exclusive word on his new material. Keep an ear out for Diego Ca$h!!!

Ashley Covarrubias