Thursday, May 26, 2011


Michael Ellis, a.k.a. DJ Prolifik, was born January 29th, 1984 in Dallas, Texas. He and his family made their move to the Cincinnati area when he was about 8 years old.  Childhood was good for Prolifik.   Hard working parents to pave the way for him was a blessing, even though they did move a lot. Prolifik says, “I was always the “new kid” in school and ended up becoming the class clown.  I still got good grades though.”

With amazing talent and an extraordinary resume, you would think that this was the life that DJ Prolifik dreamed about as a child; that this was his passion and desire from birth.  However, Prolifik didn’t ALWAYS wanted to be a DJ.  This was something he grew up around as his Uncle was DJ E-Z Eddie D, who was one of the first DJ’s from Cincinnati who was on the original group Mood and he was Erykah Baduh first DJ when she was with the group the Fresh Ones.  Growing up, he didn’t want to explore DJ’ing because it “looked too hard”.  After running from it his whole life, he finally dedicated himself to his calling in 2007.

When starting off, it was a combination of the opportunity and a necessity. Prolifik couldn’t find a “regular” job.  At the same time, he kept going to “whack” clubs and hearing some of the worst music ever.  “I have a mind that I can always change stuff". "I feel like the Superman of music.”  The breaking point was when he went to a club in Cincinnati called “Shelton’s”.  “One day, I LITERALLY saw 40 people walk out because of the music being played".  I went to the owner, and told her, “I bet I could play better music than the DJ you have”.  A few weeks later, the owner called me and said, you can DJ this weekend and we’ll see how you do and go from there.  Prolifik went and spent the last of his money and bought an Icue controller.  “I called everybody I knew, went up there, DJ’d for the FIRST time and I was scared as hell, but I did it!”  It was then that he realized his calling and he stepped up to the plate.  He upgraded to some real turntables and learned how to use them!

Music is a true inspiration to the young Prolifik; participating in events and with musicians others only dream of!  Just recently, Prolifik performed for the “Already Home New Year’s Bash” 2010/2011 and The Yo Gotti After Party (at Velvet Red Room 2010).  He is also involved in two of Cincinnati’s Best DJ contests at Arnies.  Previously he has performed at 3 events with Lil Wyte and Wyte Music and HCP.  Even Alicia Reece (state representative) and the Alicia Reece foundation requested his talent for a charity event club mixer. Prolifik has been blessed to spin at almost every club in the city (Cincinnati) including Velvet Red Room, Passage, Teak, Rhino’s, and also had the opportunity to spin for “Cat Walk for Haiti” at the Syndicate, one of the biggest and oldest clubs in Cincinnati.  Prolifik has also performed with celebrities like  Dorrough, Ace Hood, and Yo Gotti just to name a few. A huge heart for charity, Prolifik has   participated in charities including The Bootsy Collins Foundation and The Susan G. Komem  Race for the Cure (did their marathon twice).