Monday, May 2, 2011

Fuze It Worldwide Goes 1-on-1 w/ Jason Ritter

Last weekend Fuze It Worldwide was able to catch up with Jason Ritter, who has the lead role in the NBC series The Event, on the red carpet. On Thursday Jason finished filming the season 1 finale of The Event which premiers on Monday, May 23. In our interview he showed his excitement about his recent lead role in the film A Bag of Hammers which is currently airing at the Newport Beach Film Festival, and his other role in The Perfect Family which aired at the Tribeca Film Festival last week.

Fuze It expects Jason's career to explode once the season finale of The Event hits worldwide. Just like his great late father John Ritter who is best known for playing Jack Tripper in Three's Company, Jason holds a wealth of talent that is just waiting to be further used for a limitless variety of television series and movies. Be sure to check out and follow Jason Ritter on twitter at @JasonRitter. And don't forget to follow Fuze It Worldwide at @fuzeitworldwide.

- Sean Srnik