Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rockstar Music Education Inspires Creativity in Our Youth

Rockstar Music Education hosted its sixth annual Rockstar Kids Battle of the Bands. Held at the House of Blues in Hollywood, the two day event showcased some of the organizations most talented members including Devin Sadler.

Three weeks before Battle of the Bands, Sadler was in the hospital having brain surgery. Rockstar and Battle of the Bands was the motivation behind his speedy recovery. After the performance we interviewed Sadler's mother she said: "Rockstar was amazing and instrumental in him being here...We are so blessed beyond belief because he is here. This motivated him to get up out of bed each day."

Rockstar is a nonprofit organization that inspires and motivates children through music. Its after school rock 'n' roll program teaches students K-6 to play instruments, compose their own songs and perform on stage. All of its programs are taught by professional musicians and through funding each child is provided with an instrument. Rockstar's programs allow the children to showcase their skills at professional venues, such as the House of Blues in Hollywood. Summer music camps are now open in Los Angeles, Nashville and San Diego.

Music is so beneficial to children's development and the mission of Rockstar is to preserve the music. In addition to providing safe and motivational after school and summer care, Rockstar teaches children teamwork, professionalism and social skills. Rockstar helps children develop a sense of self pride and most importantly inspire creativity within them. Because of Rock Star Education, children like Devin Sadler have something to look forward to.

Rockstar is a division of STAR Education which is a nonprofit charitable organization that has been serving communities in California since 1993. STAR: Science, Theater, Art and Recreation provides high quality after school programs to 61 school districts throughout California.

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