Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Whether or not your recognize their names or their faces, you are sure to know their sound when you hear it. The Stereotypes are a producing trio responsible for pioneering the Dance + Electro + Bass + Hip + Hop sound. The Stereotypes produced songs like Girls On the Dance Floor and Justin Bieber's Somebody to Love. They've also worked with artists like Mary J. Blidge, Fantasia, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and many more.The group's members have spent their entire careers in the music industry; doing everything from working at Guitar Center to working as A&R's at Interscope. Finally, the Stereotypes are on top, in control and doing things their way. 

As producers the Stereotypes have commitments to various projects and artists. One of their very first projects was a track featured on the Barbershop 2 Soundtrack called Make It Home. The track includes Anthony Hamilton and rapper Spitfiya. In 2007, the Stereotypes worked on a follow-up project that would alter their careers for good. They produced a track for Diddy's artist Danity Kane called Damaged. The track was featured on MTV's Making the Band. The Stereotypes received their first platinum plaque ever for the song DamagedIn 2009, the Stereotypes linked up with a group and created a sound that changed the direction of radio play especially in Los Angeles. The Far East Movement and the Stereotypes worked closely to create a unique sound that appeals to hip hop heads, the dance electronica scene and main stream pop culture (Tri-Fecta). The Stereotypes are responsible for Girls On the Dance FloorRocketeer and the Far East Movement's latest track Jello. In 2010 Billboard Magazine appointed the Stereotypes to the 10 Songwriters and Producers to Watch list. Currently the Stereotypes are working on grooming their own (in-house) artists, their eight-act roster includes Sterling Simms, Travis Garland, Maria K, and more

While the Stereotype's are constantly indulging in other artists, they recently brought a solo project to life called JON MCXRO (pronounced Jon-Mac-and-Roe)JON MCXRO is a four-man creative made up of Jonathan Yip, Ray Romulus, Jeremy Reeves, and (rapper) Three. JON MCXRO offers a unique sound for the music connoisseurs. Their tunes are dreamy and unreal. JON MCXRO's latest compilation features Miguel and DA of Chester FrenchThe masterpiece is called The Fifth of November and it's available for FREE on Facebook. 

During an exclusive interview with group we learned that their success didn't happen overnight. The Stereotypes have been in business for nearly a decade not to mention they put in work. They've always surrounded themselves with talented individuals; group member Jeremy Reeves spoke to us about his early days in the industry. While balancing a job at Guitar Center and producing he often crashed on his good friend Philip Lawrence's couch. Philip Lawrence is a Grammy nominated writer that works closely with Bruno Mars. Its great to see the Stereotypes  and their people come so far and still speak so humbly. Their career's have come together organically and their solo project JON MCXRO is no exception. Keep an ear out for their single on the radio called LEGO