Friday, February 10, 2012


Tommy Ton, founder of Jak & Jil fashion blog, and esteemed street style photographer, has inspired a new generation of capturing the fashion industries finest. With his blogs success and his frequent presence among the coveted front rows of fashion week, Tommy's brilliant work landed him the title of main contributor of street style coverage for both and His candid style, reveals the real essence of models, editors, and other fashion enthusiasts as they trek from show to show amidst the chaos that is fashion week. From Milan, to Paris, to Moscow, to New York and more, Ton's photographs encompass a raw and personal quality, that highlights artistic expression through fashion. Some of Ton's most recent work, is newly captured images from New York fashion week that has just gone into full swing, revealed on This new batch of pictures, revealed as the week progresses, already showcase Ton's impeccable gift of highlighting exquisite clothing and the beautiful people wearing them.  Bound to be yet another successful fashion week for New York, the designers will be nothing less than impressive, the models perfectly statuesque, and the high rollers of fashion out in full force, but one thing is for sure, Tommy Ton's photography will without a doubt brilliantly capture it all, revealing the soul of street fashion.