Friday, June 22, 2012


If we know one thing out here on the West Coast it's that Santino Corleon is hands down the best music artist/entertainer in Cincinnati. Santino,his management,and a few local production companies,you know who you are, have been responsible for taking an underground party scene movement and taken it totally corporate main stream involving some of the biggest companies not just in the Mid West but in the world. A few months back Fuze It Worldwide had the opportunity to have Santino perform at one of our tour shows in Chicago featuring Freddie Gibbs then right back on the plane to Cali to perform at Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas son Josh "Dj Parish" Gomez event launch. Which brings up the question why is this the first time we are seeing a local media outlet drop an article? If one person has repped his city to death its Santino Corleon and his camp. Im not going to go into who he has opened up for like every article I read , but yes he has opened up some of the biggest names today and has done his dirty work now its time for someone to open up for him. His stage presence can't be matched, he can turn a nursing home bingo game into some kind of a party. Within minutes of dropping his first single "Tats" off his 2nd it has picked up tons of local and national attention and will probably spark a huge tour with this album. Which means local media outlets STOP SLEEPING!