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The homies over at at A$AP Mob camp always pushing the boundaries and finding new creative ways to market themselves. Enjoy!

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Haus of Maven-Campaign Video-Sport Your Dress

Haus of Maven is a new clothing line produced and manufactured in the hub of the LA Fashion District. The line launched with a Spring/Summer collection. The pieces are cute and totally affordable with dresses starting as low as $20. Such a steal!!!

We recently teamed up with the brand to shoot this video for the Haus of Maven "Sport Your Dress Campaign." The shoot was directed by Fuze It Worldwide's very own Jonathan Chia.

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The Resurrection of Justin Timberlake


After being relatively quiet for several years in music, Justin Timberlake is back with a bang. Dropping his first album since 2006.

He is the artist on everyone’s mind this year. A smash hit Grammy performance; stopping at BET’s 106 and Park for an interview, an appearance on Saturday Night Live as both a host and musical guest, add in his week long stint at Jimmy Fallon and an intimate concert during the South by Southwest Music Festival.

JT is everywhere. The 20/20 Experience is already getting rave reviews. The new video for Mirrors is receiving an overwhelming amount of positive hype on all social media outlets. Suit & Tie was the perfect single to release to announce the Legends of the summer tour where Justin will be headlining with Jay Z. This is shaping up to be the best tour of the summer, pairing two overwhelming talents together.

JT’s sound is changing, and he is the best place he has been in his career. His maturity is reflected in the 20/20 Experience, and just his overall persona.

JT is back, and taking over the reigns of pop music. His first two singles with a newer sound are already appearing on everyones 'must hear' list.  2013 is just the beginning for a bigger, and better career. The man of the year award goes to—JT.

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About to go on a huge Grammy run with the 20/20 Experience JT drops some great visuals in "Mirrors" sit back and enjoy!


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The Season of Porcelain Black


The Season of Porcelain Black by Lisa L

Fresh off a recent social media violation--Porcelain Black viciously had her social media accounts hacked by a fan, and had to take measures to protect herself and her loyal fans. She is all smiles; she is not letting anything bring her down this year.  She is working hard on perfecting everything in her life--getting in top-notch shape at the gym, operating a successful fashion line and gearing up to release the album she has put her entire heart into.

2012 saw the launch of Porcelain’s debut line, Noir. The reason for the great success of Noir line is because the products are items she actually does use on a regular basis. It is not the typical celebrity branded merchandise that the celebrity themselves would never even wear. Noir is made of the best materials, Porcelain only wants to share things she herself would wear. Right now the accessories she rocks the most come from Noir, The Kt tote is HUGE and amazing and sleek for any look. You can dress it up, or dress it down. The Krokodill I wear almost every day, the Metal-Plated Clutch dresses up any outfit perfectly. The metal strip doubles as a mirror. I always fix my makeup in that instead of going to the bathroom.

She is one of the rare celebrities who doesn’t see herself as anything but a regular person. She is just  Living her life the way she want it, no matter what other people’s judgments are. Doing what she has to do to make herself happy and living a lifestyle with no regrets. Freedom”.  Now that is the true American dream.

She consistently stays in contact with her fans, and interacts with them daily through social media. To fans, she is more than a musician and fashion designer. She is a beacon of hope. She has spoken personally to countless numbers of fans to help them work through and overcome personal struggles.

“I just want people to be happy, and be inspired. I want them to feel empowered when they hear my music. Like when they’re feeling down, they can listen to it, and it can cheer ‘em up.”

I praised her in a blog post for being a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to embrace individuality. I wrote this at one of the roughest times in my life, when I was freshly diagnosed with advanced Melanoma. I remember thinking, Porcelain is so beautiful and pale and influential, and she would be a great voice to speak out for awareness, so many would listen to her.

Upon reading my blog, she direct messaged me on Twitter and asked for my phone number. Over the course of a few months we had several great conversations. Now, two years later—Porcelain is always keeping tabs on me to see how I am doing and if there is anything she can do to help. Then she switches to girl talk, gossiping about fashion, movies—anything. I have crossed a precious line of fandom to friendship with one of my idols.

As I stated before, I know I am not the only fan she become personal with. This is what makes her music that much more effective. We know the beautiful voice behind the engaging lyrics is a sincere and sweet human being. She is simply just like the rest of us.

“I think its good to just be real and honest and not try and be something. Just be yourself.”

This makes the wait for the album somehow both easier, and harder at the same time. We crave her sound, but we know she is perfectionist so she is ensuring her fans receive the very best version of her.  Great music is a process, and the finished product will be golden.

It is exciting to know that Spring 2013 will kick off with a bang with the slated release of an official music video for upcoming single “Mama Forgive Me”.  Fans can look forward to the video hitting the airwaves towards the end of May.

Summer 2013 will be the season of Porcelain Black.

Check out the fashion line:
Follow on Twitter: @PORCELAINBLACK
By Lisa L

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Buttons & Bows bring a little chic to DTLA


Exclusive Interview with the Ladies of Buttons & Bows LA

Karen Marley (yes, Marley as in daughter of the great Bob Marley) and Monique Aquino were more than eager to chat with Fuze It about their downtown LA shop. Buttons & Bows has a friendly family vibe that you wouldn’t expect from a higher end boutique. The ladies discuss their roots and how the shop was born, motivation and hard work truly does pay off. Check out the behind the scenes exclusive the ladies did with Jonathan Chia of Fuze It Worldwide

Follow Buttons & Bows on twitter @Buttonsandbowsla




Azealia Banks

A fresh faced new rapper is emerging into the music industry and it’s looking like she is set to dominate. Azealia Banks is taking over music all over the globe. She signed with Interscope and Polydor Records and her fame has been rising ever since. In 2011 she received the massive honor being included in NME’s “Cool List” for the year.

This killer female rapper is known for her fast tongue, steady verses and sick rhymes paced so quickly it is comparable to Twista.

Her debut single “212” has been a smash hit. Many fans, and critics have labeled her sounds as the new standard for female rappers. Last July she released her Mixtape Fantasea and plans to digitally release “Yung Rapunxel” as her first single from her debut studio album with the badass title, “Broke With Expensive Taste”.

Banks is just the role model this generation is looking for. She lives for herself, not for other people’s terms. She is openly bisexual and couldn’t be prouder to boast about it.  This is the female icon we need. Someone whom is proud of who they are, and what they are about. The strong female that won’t change whom she is just to be on top of the game in the music industry.

Her strong sense of individuality will be her ticket to her success. Remember her face, it that of this generations game changer.

Follow Yung Rapunxel on Twitter @AZEALIABANKS join her whopping 330 thousand fans!

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Happy International Women's Day / The Mrs. Carter Show Tour


Happy International Women’s day to all the wonderful females across the globe.

Today is the perfect day to celebrate strong and influential women in our society. Prime time to dish about Queen Bey’s recently announced Mrs., Carter Show World Tour. This will be Beyonce’s fourth concert tour, and in celebration of her fifth studio album.

Beyonce revealed her tour plans on January 31st at the Super Bowl half-time show. With the mention of the Super Bowl I have to touch on her performance during half-time. As always it was flawless—as always she was tuned in with the music and let her aggressive alter ego Sasha Fierce take the reigns. Many not so flattering images are floating around from this performance, Don’t be so quick to share these photos on social networking sites, be respectful of the artist. Ladies, how many photos do you take of yourself before you capture ones you’re satisfied with? Imagine if it was your worst photo floating around before you click that share button.

Back to business.

In preparation for her tour, Beyonce has revealed a new look—she is now a platinum blonde bombshell.  The tour will kick off on April 15th, 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia. Tour stops in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and Brooklyn were sold out within minutes.

Beyonce is on top of the world right now. Her face graced the cover of March Vogue, and she has one of the most talked about upcoming tours.

All hail, Mrs. Carter!

Mrs Carter World Tour Click Here

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Women's "must have" for the spring and summer season


Meet Your Spring Solemate

The infamous Lita by Jeffrey Campbell has become a staple amid most shoe collections. Jeffrey Campbell has once again revamped the Lita and created a cutting edge new look that is perfectly paired with upcoming looks for spring and summer.

Floral and soft feminine colours are everywhere in spring 2013 collections. JC has created the perfect solemate to complete these floral ensembles. The Daisy Lita, girly—with a classic JC twist. The style comes in three different colours; white, black and tan. The Daisy cut out pattern allows for feet to breathe during balmy days, and of course, to look fabulous for hot nights out.

The Lita is a master of deception; with a five-inch-heel, most automatically assume this shoe will be a challenge to wear. Not the case, Lita’s are as friendly to the feet as they are to the eye. Add 5-inches of extra height at absolutely no cost to the comfort of your tender tootsies.

Thanks JC,  for always ensuring our feet look divine.

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Jonathan Chia photographs Nylon Pink for B LA Magazine


Editorial shoot for B LA Magazine w/ Nylon Pink and photographer Jonathan Chia

Camera Crew
Jesse Lomax
Justin Enriquez

Edited by Jonathan Chia

Hair and Make Up
Anthony Duran

Rolland Ryan
Emi Rose

B LA Magazine Publisher
Kuo Yang

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