Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day / The Mrs. Carter Show Tour

Happy International Women’s day to all the wonderful females across the globe.

Today is the perfect day to celebrate strong and influential women in our society. Prime time to dish about Queen Bey’s recently announced Mrs., Carter Show World Tour. This will be Beyonce’s fourth concert tour, and in celebration of her fifth studio album.

Beyonce revealed her tour plans on January 31st at the Super Bowl half-time show. With the mention of the Super Bowl I have to touch on her performance during half-time. As always it was flawless—as always she was tuned in with the music and let her aggressive alter ego Sasha Fierce take the reigns. Many not so flattering images are floating around from this performance, Don’t be so quick to share these photos on social networking sites, be respectful of the artist. Ladies, how many photos do you take of yourself before you capture ones you’re satisfied with? Imagine if it was your worst photo floating around before you click that share button.

Back to business.

In preparation for her tour, Beyonce has revealed a new look—she is now a platinum blonde bombshell.  The tour will kick off on April 15th, 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia. Tour stops in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and Brooklyn were sold out within minutes.

Beyonce is on top of the world right now. Her face graced the cover of March Vogue, and she has one of the most talked about upcoming tours.

All hail, Mrs. Carter!

Mrs Carter World Tour Click Here